Two videos on Rehoboth


You may be interested to learn a little more about Rehoboth.  Here are two videos that give a sense of what the ministry does and how God is at work.  The first is Joanne Mathews who visits Rehoboth.  The second is Phyllis Treasure who has been a missionary at Rehoboth since 1957.  Both videos brought tears to my eyes.  God is the one who takes care of all our needs, and if kids who need water in the well or a new pair of chappals because they don’t have any, how can I think that God can’t move the mountains as we consider going there.  We need to see a number of things in place: commendation from churches, funds for our needs here at home, funds for our trip and staying in India, getting our OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) and PIO (Person of Indian Origin) status, etc, etc.


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