Conversation with Phyllis today


We had a long conversation with Phyllis Treasure today about Rehoboth International School where we are planning to work this coming year.  The school now has students up to Grade 7 and will be starting Grade 8 this June.  They are using the CBSE curriculum and hoping to get accreditation status with the government so that students will be able to graduate from RIS with a School Leaving Certificate at the end of Grade 10.  Eventually Grades 11 and 12 will be added for Trades or Pre-Degree certificate for going to University.

The school is getting quite large, filling almost the entire building in the picture.  This was meant to be part of Rehoboth Theological Institute, but they have been moved to another building until a permanent school building is completed.

It looks like I will spend about 4 weeks at Rehoboth from the middle of May to the middle of June.  The last two weeks of May are when the teachers meet and plan for the year.  This will be an important time to build the trust of the school teaching team and to understand my role as Principal in this context.  The first two weeks of June the students arrive, and will get to meet me as the year gets underway.  The others that have been carrying the organization and administration will continue to provide leadership until both of Alison and I can move to Kerala on a permanent basis.

Next week I am putting in my OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) application.  Pray for a speedy processing!  Pray also for Phyllis and others at Rehoboth as April is a time for a much-needed break.


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