Lead up to the four week trip


“And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin.” Matthew 6:28 ESV

I leave Sunday, May 19 for Kerala and return Sunday, June 16.  This will be a four week trip: two weeks to work with the teachers, and then two weeks to observe the school start-up.  The last two weeks of May are the hottest point of the year, then the monsoon starts.

One of the things I’m finding out about trying to blog is that’s it’s easier to say what’s great and not what’s difficult!

The transition for us has not been easy.  There are just so many things to do.  Some of the obstacles seem insurmountable.

On a positive note we really thank those at Heritage Christian Online School that gave generously to help us with the plane ticket for my four week trip.

However, learning to trust God to work out all of our finances and future support is daunting.  I was reading something that helped me get perspective.  Many of you know we have worked in Special Education for many years.  A friend here in Sayward gave us a copy of an Austism magazine called Autism File.  In it there’s an interview with Eusatacia Cutler, the mother of Temple Grandin, an adult with Autism that you may have heard of.  Eustacia Cutler is asked for what benefited Temple apart from her education.  The essence of her reply is:

“… learn to recite the Lord’s prayer, a prayer that asks only for today’s bread.  Not tomorrow’s bread – no solution for tomorrow.  Just enough for today.  And forgive us for what we’ve done wrong – so long as we forgive those we think have done us wrong.  Two important life principles worth memorizing.”

Powerful, simple, but not easy.  This is the journey we’ve decided to take.


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