The First Few Days at Rehoboth

IMG_20130524_142105 IMG_20130524_142127

The flight via Singapore on Singapore Airlines was a long trip, nearly two days.  Eighteen hours of that was in Singapore Airport, which is rated the best airport in the world.  You could almost live in it!  Butterfly Garden, Orchid Garden, delightful food choices, even a Rolex store if one had the money!

Arrival at Kochi Airport was a breeze compared to our trip through Mumbai in January.  The only thing murmured by the official was “Thiruvalla” with a traditional knowing nod of his head.  “Yes,” I replied, “I was born there.”  Another acknowledging nod, and he waved me through.

Jiju and Phyllis were there to welcome me, even though it was nearly midnight.  It was cooler that night since there had been a little rain.  Each of the three days has gotten progressively hotter, and to top it off the power was off all day today, Friday, which meant no fans!  Monsoon is supposed to be just round the corner.  Water is in short short supply in many places in India since the monsoons failed last year.  Thankfully Rehoboth has a good bored well with water on one side of the property.  The other side where the school and college are located not so fortunate.  Everyone is praying for rain before school opens across Kerala.  School opening may be delayed if rain doesn’t come soon in large quantities.  Please pray!

Wednesday was time to meet with Jiju and Shenu, Phyllis and Sarah.  Also Susan and Dorothy from Ontario who are visiting.  They were very appreciative of the suitcase of books I brought, about 20 titles written by my grandfather, JM Davies, which will go into the Theological Library.  Matt and his wife Barbara spent about 40 years at Rehoboth.  This is also where my Dad grew up in his early years too, as he was born in Bangalore.

Thursday and Friday were Pro-D days that I led.  About 20 of the staff were there.  Some of them are in the photos that you see.  It is a considerable shift in teaching style to think about providing a more active classroom.  This is laid out in the newer text books based on the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE.  This is actually not restricted to Secondary, but the examination board in Grades 9 to 12 are under the auspices of the CBSE.  Formative and Summative Assessments are being actively encouraged, which is good to see.  Up until recently, all marks were based on a final exam at the end of each year!  It was fun to run the workshop with activities for the staff to do, demonstrating what can be done with their own classrooms.


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