The Second Week at Rehoboth

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Met with two of the trustees for Rehoboth recently.   Brother Godly and his wife live almost across the street, and they are a lovely couple with a big heart for the Orphanage.  Brother Ben Jacob George lives in Dubai and does business in Kerala.  His father ran the Boys’ Orphanage for many years and Ben grew up with the kids in it.  He has a real insight into the work at Rehoboth because of his life experience.  Both are wonderful men of God.

IMG_20130531_132702 IMG_20130604_085729

The girls were treated to a very traditional Kerala feast by a local Hindu family.  This consisted of serving many little dishes around a bed of rice on a real banana leaf.  Absolutely delicious!  The dream is to build a more home-like atmosphere for the girls.  The first building using a home-like arrangement is nearing completion.  The cement for the roof is being poured, and by God’s grace today was a beautiful sunny day after considerable rain, which made it possible.  An interesting story behind it is that the man who does the cement is a Hindu, but very closely connected to Rehoboth because of various construction projects.  Being the rainy season Phyllis would have liked the cement poured last Saturday to hopefully get it done before the heavy rains came.  The man said it would be done today, Tuesday, but Phyllis was not sure this was a good idea.  He simply responded that if Phyllis prayed for sun, that is what God would provide.  Saturday was extremely wet, it turned out.  And today was a beautiful sunny day to get the work done.  God works in mysterious ways 🙂

IMG_20130601_145443 IMG_20130529_170128

With the addition of a grade each year as the oldest class moves up, and two new Pre-Kindergarten classes are added, new desks are needed.  Making them is a very labour intensive project mostly done by hand tools.  Beautifully made with wood from trees on the property.  The school and playground are in this view.  The theological college has had to build adjacent facilities to accommodate the huge growth of the school as it uses the building temporarily.  The plan is to build a school building, which will mean the college can move back into its original premises.

We had our first assembly today.  I shared the story of the wise man and the foolish man from Matthew 7.  One built his home on the rock, the other on the sand.  This was an opportunity to say that at school we learn about Jesus and his Word and we can build our lives on him.  Many in the school are of Hindu, Muslim and nominal-Christian background.

This is a short clip from evening prayers at the Girl’s Orphanage.  They sing both English and Malayalam songs.  Someone starts, and they all join in. They really enjoyed this song, “Shake Another Hand” which is popular with kids anywhere.  This evening was a welcome for Philip and Jennifer from Dallas, Texas.  Philip is going to lecture at Rehoboth Theological Seminary and Jennifer will be working in various ways at Rehoboth, including the school.


We had tea with Auntie Annie, in the blue sari, and her sister.  They  live across from the orphanage.  Annie worked with the orphanage for many years.  A gracious lady who gave many years of service to caring for the girls.


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