Final Week and Back to Canada

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Sharrianne with “Mummy” who nursed her with a medicine dropper every 10 minutes as an infant, then nurtured her into the lovely girl she is today.  She was born weighing only 800 grams.  She is now in Grade 6 at Rehoboth International School.


Went down to Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) on the night train Wednesday night.  A quick and easy way to get to the capital, where we met with James Verghese and his wife Shirley on Thursday morning.  An air conditioned carriage with a set of fresh sheets and a blanket.  A good sleep and arrived at 5:30AM.


James Verghese is a top civil servant, and a person who loves to work with university students in the city.  He is also a trustee for Rehoboth, which is a critical role with some of the complexities of government and legal matters that Rehoboth faces.

Back at Rehoboth for Friday, and discovered that the computer lab had finally been wired to the Internet with a better WiFi router.  Of course the fuse blew and the power also went out.  Baby steps it seems sometimes.  Next task is to get a good backup system in place so that the technology is more reliable.  To understand the frustration of that, I planned a PowerPoint for Saturday morning as there were three parent meetings.  There was no power for the first two sessions, the third one had power for about two-thirds of the presentation.  Then the rain came down in stair-rods, and a mighty wind came through slamming all the windows and doors.  The lights faded in and out for about two minutes, and then that was it.  Sigh.  However, the meetings were good!

The week ended with me getting a high fever on Saturday by the end of the day.  By Sunday night it still was raging up around 103 F.  As I had to make it to onto a plane by midnight, this was not good!  Many prayed and thankfully the fever started to break as I got into the car to head to the airport.  I slept on and off through the flight, which went via Singapore, Seoul, and San Francisco.  A brief visit to Richmond General Hospital when I landed just to make sure I wasn’t too contagious.

Alison and I had time with family during the week, and my Mom was delighted to hear about India.  We also had a lovely evening with Manoj and Sowmya and their family.  They are from Kerala, but grew up in Bahrain and now live in Surrey.  Our week in Vancouver culminated with a meeting at Granville Chapel with the Missions Committee.  They are going to be commending us and setting us up with MSC Canada for those that choose to support us financially.

We hope to be in Vancouver in two weeks and do a presentation of our plans for those interested.  Details to follow.


One thought on “Final Week and Back to Canada

  1. Welcome back John!…glad to hear you are feeling better!…this is all very exciting!

    God bless your work!


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