RIS Teacher Day

This is a lovely staff photo taken on Teacher Appreciation Day.  It was encouraging when I saw it posted on FaceBook by one of the staff members.  Great staff and a real willingness to make changes.  It’s been frustrating not to be there to support them better.  My visit in May was very important, and it’s good to know who all the faces are 🙂

Here’s a brief list of things that we need to see happen, and the status of some priority items.


  • Room-mate for our son Kieran – Toufique comes from Bangladesh, and this is his first year at Simon Fraser University.
  • Sold the Mazda B3000 truck – After many months it’s finally sold, frustrating because of the high mileage because we live in a remote community.


  • Our commendation from Granville Chapel – We met with the Missions Committee in June, had a great meeting in the summer with about 35 member of the congregation where we shared our vision, and our paperwork on working with MSC Canada is being processed.
  • Downsizing our home – Alison has been steadily working at getting rid of 25 years accumulated stuff and doing much needed preparation for renting the house.  No renter yet though.
  • John has applied to the VSB (Vancouver School Board) to work as a Teacher-on-Call – We need income until we have completed commendation and financial support can begin, so this is a good short-term solution.  Pray that he will be accepted, the results should be out this week.


  • OCI status for John – Overseas Citizenship of India provides a permanent Visa based on his birth in India, which will allow us to come and go.  The “pre-application” has already taken 6 months and currently the person to deal with at the consulate is on vacation.
  • PIO status for Alison – Person of Indian Origin which sounds like a contradiction, but is the status that Alison can apply for once John has is OCI.

So we trust that God is working the timing for his glory and our good, as well as for Rehoboth as a whole and for RIS (Rehoboth International School).  The future of the school can go in a several directions based on whether or not the school gets an NOC (No Objection Certificate) which will give it official status with the Government of Kerala.  There is a deadline of meeting requirements by November, but some of the conditions may be difficult to meet.  The timing is important as the students currently in Grade 8 will be starting their Graduation program next year.  Several options are possible, but we trust that God’s hand will be in all things.

Pray for us as we continue to make preparations.  It’s hard to know what God is saying, but I’m reminded of Aaron Keyes song called “Sovereign Over Us”.

“You are working in our waiting, Sanctifying us

When beyond our understanding, You’re teaching us to trust”


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