purple sunbird

The Purple Sunbird was something I remember from childhood.  Out by the back veranda was a passion fruit vine and the Sunbirds would often build a hanging nest with their characteristic little covered porch.  They spend a lot of time building an amazing little abode.  I was thinking about the fact that God our Father is preparing us for our path, taking care of the details.  The following verse is an encouragement to us that God is working in our time of waiting, preparing for our future needs and sending his angel to watch over us on our journey.

“Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared.” Exodus 23:20

This month there are some house contests at Rehoboth International School.  The theme this year is birds and I picked the following Indian birds for the teams to represent the colours red, yellow, green and blue.  They are the Crimson Sunbird, the Golden Oriole, the Emerald Dove and the Sapphire Flycatcher.

crimson sunbirdgolden orioleemerald dovesapphire flycatcher

Recently the school celebrated International Children’s Day and the staff performed a dance.  Check out the YouTube link.

Now that it looks like it could be as much as a year to get my OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) and the apply for Alison’s PIO (Person of Indian Origin) after that, we have had to re-think some of our plans.  The first concern was employment, and God has been good to give me a position with a school in North Vancouver for students with Learning Differences as a Support Teacher.  This fits well with my skills, but allows me to keep myself available to travel to India when the time is right, or to make another short-term trip, as I do not have any long-term commitment to the school.  During this time we are able to attend Granville Chapel and work through our commendation process with them.  We have our package now from MSC Canada which we have to submit.  We have not rushed doing this because of the change to our timeline.

It may be possible now for us to sell our home this coming Spring as the market conditions are slowly improving.  This would be better in that it leaves us free of trying to maintain our property while out of the country.  Alison has been doing a lot of the preparations and upgrading of things to the house in my absence, since I am not at home much of the time as I work in Vancouver.

How this longer timeline will impact our working with Rehoboth is of concern, but we are committed to our calling.  I have begun to have biweekly meetings with the staff at RIS (Rehoboth International School) by Skype.  Hopefully this will help me stay more in touch and also for them to feel a sense of connection and support.


4 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. I know all about long, bumpy journeys following a call.. Well done you for your patience, perseverance and faithfulness. God’s timing is always right, although sometimes it can feel very confusing.’ He who calls is faithful’

  2. Thanks John on your update…it looks like, as always, God’s timing will be perfect and timelines will thus change!

    I’m in Holland at the moment visiting family and sure enjoy visiting my grand children.

    Do you still have a copy of that “Wireless Prayer” that I sent you a couple of years ago?…if you do, could you send it my way?

    Thanks John

    Joris in Holland!

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