Our “Journey to Kerala” – as I’ve labelled the blog – has indeed been that!  In some ways it’s hard to imagine that just over a year ago Alison and I made our first trip to India for a holiday.  Our stop at Rehoboth in Thrissur began that journey, with me returning in May for four weeks to work with the staff and students and Rehoboth International School in the start-up of a new school year.  Along the way since then, we have found that God’s timing is best.  Some things are unfolding that confirm for us again that we are meant to be heading there but when God opens the doors.

I’m returning May 18th to Rehoboth for about 2 1/2 weeks for staff training and the school start-up.  One of the changes has been that the school is now operating from Grades 1 to 8 only, but supporting the girls at the orphanage to continue their studies through Open School in Grade 9.  I’m very excited about this as it fits well with the experience I’ve had for the last 8 years through Heritage Christian Online School to provide home-based learning.

So it’s a crossroad as we get closer to the close of a school year and make decisions now about the coming year.  One thing we will be doing is starting my application for Person of Indian Origin (PIO) visa through an Indian agent in Bangalore.  This is a 15 year visa based on my birth in India as well as my father’s birth there too.  Please pray this time it’s a more speedy process, and it will be successful.  It means we have unlimited privileges to move between India and Canada.

We have recently completed the arrangements with MSC Canada to receive tax-receiptable donations if you live in Canada.  Click the link below to find out more.



I’m in Kelowna for three days at the CHEC convention and hope to connect with friends and supporters.  Also I will be investigating the news that HCOS can offer graduation to overseas students through their online courses.

Pray for us as we continue to build our connections with Rehoboth.  Pray for us as we reach several crossroads this summer about the need for work and how to integrate this with our calling.  We need to listen to God and not try to make things happen.  On the other hand we need to push on various doors and expect God to act to open them.  Pray that the PIO application will be a speedy process so that we can then get a visa for Alison too.


One thought on “Crossroads

  1. I see that you don’t have a recent blog. I am from Thrissur but currently live in BC. Please let me know how I can contact you. Do you still visit Rehoboth?

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