Back in India – Week 1






Well, I’m back in India for 2 1/2 weeks and hit the ground running.  I have been doing about 2 or 3 hours of workshops every morning starting on Wednesday, the day after I arrived.  This will continue next week, with school starting up on June 2nd the following week.  When I’m not doing workshops, I’m doing a lot of planning and decision making with the management team around staffing, school organization, computers, etc.  It’s been very hot with some rain form time to time.  However, the power has been much more stable this year so the fans keep running, for which I am very grateful.

Staff training began with a focus on what it means to be a Christian School.  I would characterize the model here in India as being a Christian-run school with some Christian content in terms of assembly times and Scripture classes.  The school as a place of engaging students to think Biblically as it applies to all of the subjects is a new concept.  Pedagogical change requires a paradigm shift as we encourage staff to move toward activity-based learning and how to assess that kind of learning using rubrics.  I’m setting up a teacher resource room this year as I brought a couple of Mac Mini’s to give all the staff Internet access for email, resources on-line, curriculum tools, etc.  The lab has 7 currently functional computers and they will be purchasing 3 more, I say currently because breakdown is a big problem.  This is still rather inadequate and most of the computers are several generations old.  With some classes over 30 this means that they still don’t even have 3 students to a computer when they get to use the lab.  I’m hoping to find a way to get some schools in Canada to sponsor some fundraising to get a fully functional lab.

Andrea Henderson has been a great support to the teachers this past year.  She is a teacher from New Zealand.  With her help we have developed a Teacher Planner for the staff this year, along with the usual School Diary for the students.  Just got it hot off the press on Friday.  It will be used to encourage the implementation of some of the new methods being taught in the workshops.

Everyone is on the usual slow-down during the hot season, and an academic break.  However, there’s a buzz of activity to get ready for the new academic year both in the school and the theological college.  Phyllis is doing well, but missing Jiju who is currently in the US for several conferences.  Sarah is back the first week of June after a break down in New Zealand, who usually heads up the preschool.

I’ve added a few pictures that give you a little flavour of the activity going on at Rehoboth.



home for girls





Some kids on the playground and the new building for housing the girls in a more home-like setting.

jack fruitrti

rti dining room





The approach to RTI and the completed new addition to RTI along with kitchen facilities and dining area.

roof repair

grade 9

ris building school office






Work on the roof of the women’s residence for RTI, building a new classroom out back of the school for the Grade 9 girls, a view of the school block and the nearly finished new office in the school building.



4 thoughts on “Back in India – Week 1

  1. Thanks John for your update!…looks like you are very involved amidst the heat and challenges with resources like computers.

    Enjoy and may God keep you safe, healthy and above the “fray”!


    • Hi David… No. Alison and I did a holiday trip last January. My trip last May and again this year is to support Rehoboth International School. Its an English medium day school for girls in the orphanage and both boys and girls in the community. I wish this trip could have been longer but I had to take time off work to be here.

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