Canada Day

Anvil Island

It’s Canada Day and my birthday… but my birthplace was India.  I think the day explains a lot about me as a TCK (Third Culture Kid), and the elation is building inside me that I will be back in Kerala in a few days.  It was a beautiful evening on June 27 as I returned from our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding celebration on Anvil Island that I took this picture.  Anvil Island is silhouetted with Mt. Garibaldi and Black Tusk visible in the distance.  A Canadian flag fluttered behind the water taxi, reminding me that my birthday was approaching.  This Saturday, I will be off to Thrissur for 3 weeks, leaving weeks of hot dry weather (very unusual for usually wet BC) for the monsoons of India.  Each trip I seem to experiment with a new route.  This time I’m flying out of Seattle with a 14-hour flight to Dubai on Emirates, then a 4-hour flight to Kochi and arrive at the most sensible hour of 9:00 AM on Monday.  Usually, international flights arrive at some very late hour of the night.

“He gave him the plans of all that the Spirit had put in his mind…” I Chronicles 28:12

It was impressed on me recently how Scripture refers negatively to the plans of Man, but positively to the plans of God.  In this verse, David is giving Solomon instructions for the building of the Temple, and the key phrase is that the plans were put in David’s mind by the Spirit.  I was encouraged by this particular verse that what’s on my heart and mind has been put there by the Spirit.  I’ve been questioning God about the plans we have for going to India, and wondering if they are just my plans.  It would be easy to mix my emotional ties to India from childhood with a desire to return.  While there seem to be so many obstacles, I can say that God has provided for our needs in the mean time and I’m learning to trust in those times when answers are hard to find.  He has made the way each year for me to spend 3 or 4 weeks visiting Rehoboth International School, and being in touch throughout the year.

Thanks for you prayers and support



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