I mentioned last week that Sunny, a key person here at Rehoboth, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He is known as “Sunny Chettan” which means older brother.  He does so much around here administratively and is a much-loved and appreciated member of staff.  Through connections, he was able to be admitted to the main hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital.  He had brain surgery yesterday, and the great news we received in the evening was that he was conscious and off the ventilator, and his eyes were open and he was trying to talk.  Amazing!  Continue to pray for his recovery.


Here are three smiling faces, some of the younger girls at the orphanage.  They wanted to have their picture taken.  They go to the English kindergarten program, and they are eagerly waiting for their snacks from “Mummy” to take with them.

Last Friday we had a morning professional development session with the whole staff.  Fortunately, the power stayed on the whole time, so the computers and the fans both worked.  Upgrading skills is an ongoing project each time I visit.  We have got the lab up to nine computers that are new enough to run Windows 7, two old ones that run Windows XP, and two Mac Minis I brought that the staff can use.  The library is coming along too, with the organization and barcoding process complete.  Now the longer task of entering the data into the system.

On Sunday, I spoke at East Fort assembly at the English service.  I was sharing from Matthew about the characteristics of being in the Kingdom of Heaven.  I was linking this to four people that made a significant impact on my life that exemplified these characteristics.  The RTI students attend this service since many are Hindi speaking and take their theological courses in English.


On Tuesday, I enjoyed a long but wonderful trip in the rain through a part of Kerala and Tamil Nadu I had never been before.  Jiju and I had a lot of time to converse and connect.  Jiju is the registrar (officially) for RTI but wears many hats at Rehoboth.  We went up past Athirappilly Falls to the jungles of the Western Ghats and over into Tamil Nadu to the Sholayar Dam.  We had a wonderful lunch at the “Saviour International Hotel” in Malakkappara, which I, unfortunately, don’t have a picture of due to the heavy rain at the time.  While very simple, the food was good and the locals all gather at 1:00 to eat.  From there the rain eased and we drove through tea estates and then descended several thousand feet in a very short distance through 40 hairpin bends.  Along the way, I caught the picture of the red-whiskered bulbul.  Here are a few of the pictures from the trip.









4 thoughts on “Praise

  1. Hi John:

    Thank you for your posts of the news at Rehoboth, which I follow with much interest.

    So sorry to hear of Sunny’s medical issues – I will certainly be praying for his complete recovery.

    Great to read of the on-going progress with the computer lab and the library.

    Please pass on my regards to Phyllis, Jiju and his wife and others who Sue and I met 2 years ago.


    Dorothy Cook

  2. Its really nice to know that your trip to India this time was good. Thanks for all your encouragement and support to Rehoboth. Your valuable advice is truly helpful. Its a progress we all would love to see at the Rehoboth International School. Thanks for the update on Sunny Chettan. We have been praying for him. Hope that you have reached Canada safely. Will keep in touch.
    Love, prayers and regards to you and Sister Alison.

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