The Last Few Days


The last few days came and went so fast.  I’m already back in Canada and sorting through my pictures.  This is such a lovely picture of two kids enjoying a book in the library.  I see a steady improvement in the school each time I go back due the continued work of staff and volunteers.  Already the computer lab and library are such functional and inviting spaces now.  Here are a few more pictures.




It was good to have some classes with the students and to learn a bit more about them.  One area that we are still working on is how best to support students with learning challenges.  I spent a little time with one student that has recently been diagnosed with a learning disability.  SEN time is provided, but resources and specialized programs are very limited at this point.

On Sunday, I spoke at the Zion Assembly which is on the Rehoboth site.  It’s a Malayalam service and so Roland translated for me.  He’s the doctor that saw me in the first week.  His father is Brother Godly one of the trustees on the board of Rehoboth.  After the service, I met Rachel who is in the picture below.  She grew up in the orphanage in the 20’s and 30’s when my Grandparents were in Thrissur.  She remembers playing with Delyth, my Dad’s youngest sister 🙂 Later she became a teacher and taught at RGLP, Rehoboth Girls Lower Primary School, for 33 years.  I also met “Jimmy” James William and his wife Mariamma.  They invited me to their home for tea on Monday.  He is an elder at Zion and as a young man was trained to be a translator by my Grandfather.  He also translated for my Dad when he preached.



On Tuesday evening, I was the guest speaker at the joint mid-week meeting for the RTI students.

Wednesday we finally sorted out the frustrations of getting Internet back up in the computer lab and also finalized getting all 12 computers functioning.  The staff resource room now has three Mac Mini’s and the newest one I brought runs Libre Office 5 that can give the teachers both a Malayalam and Hindi keyboard input for their classroom preparation.

The last day was a special day to dedicate the newly renovated office at Rehoboth.  Both the physical office and the paper record-keeping have undergone an overhaul to meet new standards.  Sunny is in the centre at the back.  On the right in the pink shirt is Sunny Philip from the Gideons.  Behind him is Brother Godly on the Board of Trustees.  Various people have been helping with this endeavour.


On that note, many people are a part of Rehoboth.  In the next picture, you can see Glory and Grace from Bombay.  Glory spent a lot of time on her term break to help with the paperwork updates.  She’s training as a software engineer.  I need a reminder on the name of the next person.  She’s from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and dropped by.  Sarah and Andrea are from New Zealand and are at Rehoboth full-time.  Jiju is the registrar for RTI, Rehoboth Theological Institute, but is involved in most areas of Rehoboth including the oversight of the paperwork update.  If you have some time to give, you are always welcome 🙂


And lastly, a video you may enjoy of the kids singing “Jesus Loves Me.”.  These are the Grade Two’s in Music class led by Emma and Josie from New Zealand.  They are volunteering at Rehoboth for three months.


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