We are currently making at least one trip to India each year, with a goal of moving full time once we have our visas, and so we depend on God for our financial needs.  We will be involved with Rehoboth Ministries as a whole, with a significant initial role in helping the English-based school.  The trips to India so far have focused on staff development at the school, and supporting the administrative team as they start the high school graduation program.  Our vision long-term is to have Rehoboth International School become a centre for On-line Christian-based Education in India, and for services to children in the community that have Special Needs.

Many of you have committed to supporting us financially and we thank you for that.  We have been commended by Sayward Christian Fellowship and by Granville Chapel to the work of the Lord.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with our practice, giving is entirely dependent upon people who decide to give as God leads them to do so.  We will not solicit you for funds.

Financial support and accountability is now set up with MSC Canada.  Through their website you can give to us, and receive a charitable donation receipt if you live in Canada.  You will find our names under “Mission Worker” in the first list.

If you would like give us information about your financial support use the form provided below.  Click the red button to make a donation.

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